What We Seek in Life

This is the most popular question being asked commonly by people seeking answer to their life. Some materialist only find wealth is the solution to all these questions. Thus they spend almost all their available waking time seeking wealth. They are all deluded from the other possible means and avenues in seeking the greatest question in life.

What you seek in life then ?
Many spiritual teachers tried to offer the best answer to the solution of it - final happiness in heaven where one reunion with their beloved god/s. The Buddha did not denied the possibilities of it, the question is how ? Continuous devotion to them ? ........

In the teachings of the Buddha, heaven and hell are mind made. One does not need to experience them after one died. They are here in us. When one is happy with the work of wholesomeness, one experience the heavenly bliss. When one gets angry or greedy with the unwholesome work done, one actually experience the burning and torturing fire of hell.

In this module, we shall break down the avenues on the way of seeking happiness. It is of utmost important that one understand the true meaning of it and not merely follow it blindly. By one un-exhausted efforts and determination, may you successfully venture into all the avenues without much hindrances.

Happiness derive from ......