To Attain Excellence in
Providing Buddhist Studies and Practice in the Development
of an Understanding and Compassionate Society

Mission Statement

Directing the New Generation of Buddhist Youth into the World of Dhamma
- synergizing with the Vision 2020

Dhamma Classes
Library Service
Dhamma Propagation
Youth Activities

enhance with
Information Technology Support
Training and Development
Fellowship Links
Welfare Support

  1. Always gives and find for others an opportunity to perform a wholesome deeds - Kusala Kamma

  2. Values the Difference in People as they are our Assets

  3. There is No Boundary for Innovation and Improvements

  4. Action speaks louder than Words

  5. Work Happily is work Wisely

  6. Dhamma is NOT for Sales

  7. The Gift of Truth Excels all other Gifts.

  1. To become the Northern Region Dhamma Propagation Center.

  2. Area to set-up and enhance :-
    a. Upgrade our Dhamma Education to Institute Level
    b. Dhamma Teacher and Dhamma Speaker Training
    c. Correspondence Course
    d. Buddhist Contact and Links


  3. To establish a Standard Dhamma Education Syllabus

  4. A complete Systematic and Integrated Syllabus including a detail Teaching Guide and Evaluation System


  5. Service Enhancement for the K.Gunaratana Memorial Library

  6. In term of Dhamma collections and Extended Service.


  7. To set-up the Audio-Visual Department

  8. With the objective of producing free Buddhist tapes for distribution.
    The target group shall be the children with Jataka Stories, the youth with Buddhist Hymns and the adult - the Dhamma Discussion topics.

  9. To provide Support for other Organization

  10. To Establish, Support and Coordinating the Buddhist Activities in other Buddhist Societies.

  11. Development of a Buddhist Youth Group

  12. To revive and strengthen the GeeBees Youth activities.
    To form a Buddhist Uniform Body.

Mahindarama Sunday Pali School Strategic Planning