Level 6 : Buddhist Value 


Objectives:  To practice Unity among fellow human beings

  1. 100 sheets of used A4 papers
  2. Stapler
  3. 50 x 6 different colour buttons (common) e.g. blue, red, yellow, green, white, black
  4. 5 x 2 different colour buttons (special) e.g. brown, purple
  5. One Prize – that can be divided into 6.
  6. Hymns Sheet (Anthem of Unity) … Appendix 1
  7. Simple musical instruments (triangle/sticks/shakers/etc.)
  8. Hymn (Anthem of Unity) cassette (optional)
  1. If you divide the students into a group of 6, prepare 6x8-2 = 46 mixed common colour buttons and add 2 special colour buttons for each group.
  2. Ensure the 2 special buttons are not given to the same student in each group.

   Lesson Plan  


Demonstration – 10 mins



1.  INFORM students that they are going to have fun today and ENCOURAGE participation from them.

2.  GET a volunteer from the class.

3.  ASK the student to tear a stack of 2 pieces of paper together.

4.  GIVE him/her more stacks – 5, 10, 20, 40 & 50 pieces.

5.  ASK which one is more difficult to tear? And WHY?

6.  GET another volunteer (a stronger one).

7.  ASK the student to stapler the paper instead (repeat step 3 & 4)

8.  DISCUSS the conclusion with the student.  GIVE opportunity for the class to voice their opinion.  GUIDE them to the answer – “UNITY IS STRENGTH”.

Used A4 papers








B Hymns Singing - 20 mins  
  1.  Divide the students into 3 groups
a. Singing group
b. Instrumental group
Acting group

2.  Ask the Acting group to dance or performance how they feel about the hymns together.

3.  Ask the Instrumental group to back-up the singing group by producing the musical tune.

4.  Sing along with the singing group the hymn entitle “Anthem of Unity.”

5.  Change role and challenge the new performers to do better.

6.  Explain the key meaning of the lyric.

Hymns sheet
”Anthem of Unity”



Musical Instrumentals



Appendix 1
C Games - 30 mins  

1.  DIVIDE the students into a group of 6.

2.  DISTRIBUTE the coloured button you have prepared earlier to each group.    
each student to take 8 buttons.

3.  EXPLAIN the game.

a. This is an individual game and there will be a prize for the winner.
b. It is a trade and barter game where student shall move around to exchange their buttons to get 8 different colours.
c. REMIND them that there is only one prize
d. They may trade with other groups if they wish.
Tips – If you let others know what colours you have, others may not want to exchange with you.

4.  ASK if there is any question before the game start.

5.  ASK those who are able to gather 8 different colours to report to you.

6.  PRESSURE the students with time frame after the game started.

Game Trick: Group members cooperate and allow one of their members to take the prize.  

7.  CONGRATULATE the winning member and 
the other members for their willingness to cooperate.

8.  PRESENT the prize to the winner and ASK him/her to open it.

9.  DISCUSS what have they learn for the game.

    a. What have they done which is right?
    b. What can they do better to achieve their objective earlier?
    c. Can they feel the value and benefit of cooperation?

Coloured buttons
(48 per group)
D Reflection and Contemplation – 20 mins  

1.  DRAW conclusions from the activities.

2.  CHALLENGE them to prove Unity is Strength in their own experience by asking volunteer to share.

3.  PRAISE and ENCOURAGE others to share.

4.  RELATE to the Buddha’s Teachings:

a. Ask what are the sign of how the Buddha unites all His followers? (Uniform robe, Discipline- precepts (227 for monks, 5-8 for layman)

b. Ask what is the colour of the robe? (range from Orange to dark Brown)

5.  BRAINSTORM on the type of unity.

a. Family members & parents
b. Friends & relatives
c. Citizens and country

6.  ENCOURAGE the student to embrace this value.

7.  CHALLENGE the class to prove their level of cooperation by doing housekeeping in the class / garden / etc. after class.






Appendix 2



Use mind map to draw their answers.


  END – 5 mins  
  1.  THANKS the students for paying attention in the class

2.  CHECK if they enjoy the session with you.


Appendix 1 "Anthem of Unity"



In unity we stand
In harmony we strive
The Cause shall never end
As long as we're alive
We're one, we're one
Always, always
We're one always
One Cause, one cause enfolding us
Along Dhamma's Way

One cosmic brotherhood
One purpose moulding us
Bringing us all to good
Kindling the Light in us
Strive on, strive on
Heedfully, heedfully
Strive on heedfully
Along, along the Eightfold Way
To Nirvana's Day.


No body in this world can live alone.

We must always help each other while we strive on in a rightful manner.

 The Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Way to Nibbana begins with a friend pointing to us, “there – the light of Goodness” and we started striving heedfully as we enjoy the fruits of righteousness along the way.


Appendix 2

Color of the Buddhist monk’s robe (Pali - Kasi)


Color of the robe range from Orange to Dark Brown.


Mahindarama Sunday Pali School
Value-based Syllabus