Middle Kingdom, Middle Path
the Teaching of the Elders ( Theravada )

The whole purpose of the existence of a Buddha is to share with us the path that leads to Nibbana
( the Un-rebirth ). Buddhism is not a teaching to believe but to-be-lived. The Buddha spent the rest of his 45 years after he attained enlightenment just to teach us one thing - the unsatisfactoriness and the way to the end of unsatisfactoriness in life.

On the day of his enlightenment, as he sat down under the Bodhi tree meditating, he obtained the insights of his previous life, the law of rebirth as a consequence of deeds (kamma) and realized the way to get rid of suffering by tracing the dependent origination.

He then propound this great truth that he realized to his disciples who in turn spread it out to many others. The basic foundation of all his teachings are based on "Rebirth and the End of Rebirth." As he pointed out to us the cause of unsatisfactoriness (Craving), he also pointed out the way to the end of it (the Noble 8-fold Path). This great 4 Noble Truths lie the most important structure of Morality, Concentration and Wisdom that will help one to reach the realization of the true characteristics of life - the impermanent nature of things, the unsatisfactory nature of feelings and the nature of non-self nature in us.

As you click on to the following topics we shall explore the Middle Path of the great Master - the Buddha :

1. the 4 Noble Truths
2. the Noble 8 Fold Path
3. Dependent Origination - the 12 Links
4. the 3 Roots of Evils
5. the 3 Characteristics of Life
6. the Winds of Life