The Law of Kamma & Rebirth

The fundamental teachings of the Buddha are founded on the Law of Kamma - the Causal Law of Action & Reaction. On the day of his enlightenment, he realized this Causal Law that caused men to be reborn in this world of samsara (sufferings) again and again. By further investigation on the cause of it, he saw the linkage between one life to another; dependent arising (and cease) of all things.

the Good beget Good , the Bad beget Bad,
the Good and Bad beget Good and Bad,
no Good nor Bad beget no Good nor Bad.

With this great discovery, he also obtained the supreme knowledge into all things and be able to comprehend it into what we called Buddhism (the Buddha-Dhamma) today.

For some, it might be the first time you come to know about the Law of Rebirth (cause by Kamma) and some are deluded by the misconception about the Law that the Buddha discovered with what was preached in other religious school of thoughts.

In this module we shall study the Logical explanation of this Law of Kamma to the many questions of yours as regards to the inequality of life.

  1. What is Kamma (the Causal Law of Cause and Effect) ?
    the Classification of Kamma
  2. Rebirth
  3. Modes of Rebirth
  4. Buddhist Cosmology - the 31 planes of existence