What Buddhists Practice?

When you see a Buddhist kneel down, 5 pointedly ( forehead, palms, elbows, knees and legs on the floor ) , in front of a Buddha Image, then they are actually in a very humble and traditional way, paying respect or homage to their beloved teacher for his unselfish effort in conveying the universal truth to them.

As time passed, we saw the many versions of practices that Buddhist do which are either copied or being altered and modified by some Buddhists who do not acquire Right Understand on its elements of purpose. This is because this ancient religion which is more than 2500 years old has gone through a tremendous evolution of changes and with the collaboration of various cultures and other religious practices, it is very difficult for us to identify or determine which is right and which is wrong.


In this module, we will like to clarify and to make clear the purpose and the proper practices that a True Buddhist should performed. This module shall cover

a. the daily Buddhist practice
- 5 Precepts
- 10 Meritorious Deeds
- 10 Demeritorious Deeds
b. the Buddhist meditation
- the 5 Hindrances
c. the duties of a Buddhist
- the Layman Code of Discipline 
- Filial Piety
d. some Buddhist ceremonies
- Wesak
- Kathina - offering of robes to the Sangha Communities
- Bodhi Puja