To Grow Together in SILA, SAMADHI & PANNA.
Mission Statement
To provide a cohesive environment
by creating opportunities to learn, practice and grow
in the Dhamma values
Notes to Vision / Mission
Together - both the Dhamma Workers & Devotees
Cohesive making others feel of coming again
Environment Conducive for learning and practice
Opportunities approach varieties
Grow in Dhamma Values value-added to all (workers & devotees) on each meeting

Sub-Mission Statements

Dhamma & Development Welfare & Services

Directing the
New Generation
of Buddhist Youth
into the World of Dhamma - Synergizing with Malaysian Vision 2020

To continuously devote
our energy by creating opportunities to direct
the Buddhist community
to live a life of
Right Livelihood
and unleash their
potential to
Realize the Truth.

To serve others to gain a Better Living
Health Programmes
 such as health service, health talk, fellowship with those who are neglected and in need.

To provide
Shelter and Food
 to the elders who have none to call their own.
To share the Dhamma of Loving kindness & Compassion
for their happiness
and welfare.


Welfare Section

To Provide a
conducive environment for
Dhamma Learning
and Research

To continuously update our Dhamma collection and upgrade our Services.