Selangor Buddhist Vipassana Meditation Society
(Persatuan Tafakur Vipassana Buddhisma Selangor)
1995 by Sayadaw U Dhammapiya

Printed in Penang, Malaysia by Unique
Published by Selangor Buddhist Vipassana Meditation Society
Printed for free distributions
2nd Revised Edition:  November 1995



Who is the Buddha?
The Life of the Buddha
What is Dhamma?
Kalama Sutta
What is Sangha?
What is Buddhism?
What is Buddhasasana?


Supporting Parents is a Supreme Blessing
The Way to Repay
A Grateful Monk
Who is an Enemy?
Five Duties of Parents
Five Duties of Children
We learn it from Teachers
Animosity over a Handful of Sesamun Seeds
Five Duties of a Teacher
Five Duties of a Pupil


The Five Precepts
A Basic Sense of Humanity
Kamma (Action and Reaction)
Kamma or Karma
Kamma is not Moral Justice
Religions that believe in Kamma
Different functions of Kamma
A Blind Bhikkhu
Kamma and Vipaka
Akusala kamma (unwholesome action)
The Story of Losaka Tissa Thera
Kusala kamma (wholesome action)
The Great Dana of a Poor Man
Dependent Origination
Dependent Origination in brief
Ogress Kala Yakkhini


Samatha-Bhavana (Tranquillity Meditation)
Buddhanussati Bhavana
Metta Bhavana
The Great Advantage of Metta
Development of tranquillity concentration (samatha)
Five Aggregates (Khandhas)
Vipassana (Insight Meditation)
The Noble Eightfold Path (Ariya Atthangika Magga)
The Four Noble Truths (Ariya Sacca)
Four Stages of Magga-Phala Nana
Development of Insight (Vipassana)
Mindfulness in Daily Life
Seven benefits of Vipassana
Healing incurable illness through Vipassana
Never say it is incurable
The Immediate Benefits of Meditation
Miracle of Young Samaneras


What is Nibbana?
Eight Worldly Condition (Lokudhammas)
The Right Aim is for Nibbana
The Ten Perfection (Parami)
Fulfilment of perfection of Bodhisattas
Prince Temiya who never speaks
Don't say it is easy
They are very nice to me
Five Hindrances (Nivaranas)
Ten Defilements (Kilesas)
Ten Obstacles (Palibodhas)
Rarely find such a bhikkhu


"The gift of Dhamma excels all gifts".