What the Buddha Taught?

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1.  Where did the Buddha's Teachings come from?  
A. Devaraja Sakya, King of Heaven
B. MahaBrahma Sahampati, from the Brahma World
C. Both his Master teachers, Alara Kalama & Uddhaka Ramaputta
D. A certain deva who sent him the message from Heaven
E. Deep meditation & develop the knowledge to comprehend as they really are.

2.  The Buddha only teaches two things. what two?
A. Heaven & Hell
B. Avoid Evil & Doing Good
C. Moderation & Contentment
D. Suffering & the End of Suffering
E. Cause & Effect

  3.  What are sufferings?
A. Physical & Mental pain
B. Changes
C. Birth, aging, sick & death
D. Encounter with those we dislike, parting with the love one, failure to fulfill one desire
E. Attachment

  4.  What are the 4 Noble Truths?
A. The cause of Suffering is Craving
B. The 2nd Truth is the cause, the 1st is the Effect  
C. The 3rd Truth is the Effect, the 4th is the cause
D. There is an alternate short cut to attain Nibbana - End of suffering
E. They served as the Fundamental Teachings in all the branches of Buddhist School of Thought.
  5. What are the lessons learned from the 4 Noble Truths (Suffering, the Cause, the End & the Path to End Suffering)?
A. the 1st is to be comprehended
B. the 2nd is to be eradicated
C. the 3rd is to be realized
D. the 4th is to be developed
E. overall is to be believed
  6. What is the Noble 8 Fold Path?
A. The only path to Enlightenment
B. A Path to be balanced with non-indulgence and non-self mortification
C. It is divided into 3 grouping - Dana, Sila & Samadhi
D. It is to be practiced together and not individually - all the Rights (Understanding, Thought, Action, etc.)
E. Moderation is required when walking in this Middle Path

  7. What is correct about the Noble 8 fold Path?
A. Right Understanding is the principle practice in Buddhism and thus rejecting Right Belief.
B. Right Thought consists of Thought of Renunciation, Thought Loving Kindness and Thought of Doing Good
C. Right Speech - refraining from falsehood, slandering, frivolous speech and promoting pleasant words.
D. Right Action - refraining from taking life, stealing and excessive sensual pleasure.
E. Right Livelihood is abandoning worldly life and go forth to be a monk / nun.
  8.  What is correct about the Noble 8 fold Path?
A. Right Effort is to discard evil that has yet to arise and prevent the un-risen evil.
B. Right Effort is also to develop un-risen good and promote the arisen good
C. Right Mindfulness is remain focused regards to the body, the sensation, the movement and the mind
D. Right Concentration is to achieve one-pointedness of the mind
E. If this path is practice negatively can also lead us to Enlightenment
  9. What is the purpose of walking on the Middle Path?
A. By avoiding evil and doing good, one accumulated merits that bring one closer to Enlightenment
B. By purifying the mind through mindfulness & concentration it enable us to see things as they really are.
C. With the mind focused, insight can be developed and realization of the characteristics of life is possible
D. E=PS2 (Enlightenment = Panna x Sila x Samadhi)
E. To reduce our suffering as well as others.
  10. What is Nibbana?
A. A place when enlightened beings stay
B. The highest realm in the 31 plane of existence
C. When the basic Law of Kamma cease to take effect eg. do good conditioned nothing - no rebirth
D. The un-condition where Kammic results no longer arise
E. The happiest realm a being can attained