Striking a Balance Life

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1. What is the purpose of earning wealth?  
A. To keep, keep and keep
B. To spend, spend, spend & over spend (credit card)
C. To spend it in he manner it gives one and others happiness and within the moral framework
D. To be able to give
E. To bring them along to our future births

2. In obtaining wealth, one must ...
A. not harm others (eg. butchering)
B. not acquire them through sensual indulgence (eg. prostitution)
C. apply effort and be industrious
D. not take what is not given
E. not entail a lot of falsehood

  3. What is the purpose of friendship?
A. To get advantage from them so that we may progress
B. A place we can cry and pour our feelings
C. No specific purpose as it is part of the growing up process
D. To get guidance and encouragement
E. To grow mutually, as we grow, they grow

  4. How to get good friends?
A. First be a good friend ourselves as in the law of "Attraction" - good attract good
B. Avoid evil deeds and do lots of meritorious action
C. When ask always at their service
D. Avoid gossip and spreading of rumors about others
E. Be generous
  5. What is the purpose of having Healthy Lifestyle?
A. So that we may enjoy good food and long life
B. To be able at the service for others anytime (physical & mental)
C. Not to worry about others helping us (eg. a sick person need other to take care of them)
D. To be able to learn, practice and realize the Truth (meditation)
E. To set a good example to the future generation to follow (eg. abstain smoking)

  6. The best way of achieving healthy lifestyle are ...
A. Lots of exercises and breath good/clean air
B. Balance/Nutritious diet and lots of water
C. Life reflection or meditation
D. Develop good relationship with others (eg. Trust)
E. Moderation and sense control (eg. do not give easily to anger)

  7. What are the wholesome Action to practice?
A. Give with joy, understanding and make aspiration to give again
B. Let go of things and thought that are not beneficial to our progress
C. Control and suppress our anger from blowing up
D. Speak the Truth and speeches that are beneficial to oneself and others.
E. Contemplate on the good things that we have and performed and be contented
  8. What are the unwholesome Action to avoid?
A. Gambling and time waster activities
B. Indulge in drugs and intoxicant
C. Cheating such as lying, stealing, slandering etc.
D. Depriving others life - hunting, fishing, ordering seafood dishes,
E. Showing our anger - protesting, terrorizing the peaceful, Harsh speech
  9. What are the activities we can do to purify the mind?
A. Build relationship with wholesome community and be them
B. Do not keep grudges but forgive and forget
C. Counting your own blessings - all the wholesome deeds you have and performed
D. Learn how to focus easily - meditation on mindfulness of the breath
E. Get blessings from the pure people/monk
  10. What is the best way to manage your anger?
A. Keep calm by counting your breath
B. Understand that anger is just a state of mind - if we are mindful, there is no anger and vice versa
C. Rephrase the internal question from "would I get angry?" to "Do I have to get angry?"
D. Be compassionate and lovely - for one who is on anger is like a person being burned with fire
E. Understand the Law of Kamma - good conditioned good, evil conditioned evil and anger = evil