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Who is the Buddha?

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He is the ...
A Founder of Buddhism
B Almighty God.
C Enlightened Being
D Human Being
E Great Messenger of Love and Peace


Why did He renounce His princely life, His wife and His newly born child?
A In search for a greater kingdom. 
B In search of Truth and peace.
C Fed up of His princely life.
D To further study.
E To find the solution to the un-satisfactoriness of life.


How did He attained Enlightenment?
A A Divine light shined unto Him from the Heaven.
B He realized the Four Noble Truth while meditating under the Bodhi Tree.
C He comprehended the Causal Relation of the Dependent Origination.
D A certain deva (angel) tipped Him on the Middle Path.
E He practiced self-restraint, sacrifices and pure ascetisme


Why is He named the "Buddha"?
Because He is ...
A a Super Man who performed miracle to save others.
B Omniscient who knows all the way to enlightenment.
C subdued all His enemies especially the hindrances in the mind.
D equals to His teachings (Truths).
E has overcome all the defilements and roots of evils.


In what way did the Buddha use to save us?
A By knowing how and what to teach each individual for his own benefit according to his own level and capabilities.
B By using his extraordinary powers to save us.
C By explaining the truth and make a man realize it.
D Be a God to save us.
E By convincing people to be a Buddhist first.


In what circumstances, the Buddha kept noble silence?
A When the questions themselves were wrongly put in the first place.  
B When the questioner was not in a position to understand the answer because of its profundity.
C When the question is too tough for the Buddha to answer.
D When the question will bring the misunderstand of ultimate Truth. (No spiritual development)
E When the Buddha is impatient to answer the questions.


What is Dhamma?
A The teachings from the Buddha.
B Four Noble Truth and The Noble Eight Fold Path are two of the Dhamma teachings.
C The message for all from the Buddha.
D A method to develop psychic powers.
E A tool to help us in spiritual development.


Why we must know Dhamma?
A To save people
B To destroy ignorant, greed and hatred. Thus, eliminate suffer.
C To learn as an extra knowledge but didn't practice it.
D To purify our mind.
E To prove that we are good Buddhists.


What is the right attitude Buddhists should practice towards other religions?
A Criticize the beliefs of other religions.
B Try the best to convert or convince other religions believers to become Buddhists.
C Do not condemn the believers of God from other religions.
D Accept other views if they are useful to explain the reality of the Four Noble Truths.
E Take a very tolerant view of other beliefs.


How do we know that we are saved?
A When we feel peaceful in mind.
B When we are able to determine right and wrong.
C When we accepted the Buddha as our God.
D When we accepted Buddha's Noble way of life.
E When we are able to eradicate all greed, hatred and ignorant.