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Mahindarama e-Correspondence Course

Option 1 : Weekly e-mail Option 2 : Self Study

Semester begins on January, May and September.  Registration closed 6 weeks after it begins.

Open Semester - Registration at anytime.

You need to register before the semester begins for us to send you the weekly modules. After the Open Book Exam, we will move you to the subsequence level.  You may skip Basic Paper 1.

You only register once you have completed all the modules and take the exam on your selected paper below. 
Then e-mail us your particulars together with your answer sheet.  You may complete the e-course at your own pace.

Please provide the information below for statistical analysis

   Kindly e-mail us the followings particulars:
   1. Name
   2. mailing address
   3. e-mail address
   4. Gender
   5. Date of birth,
   6. Occupation
   7. Nationality.

Basic Paper 1:  Life of the Buddha
(From birth to Mahaparinibbana)

   1. Prince Siddhatta before Enlightenment
   2. Soon after the Enlightenment
   3. The Buddha Propounds His Teachings
   4. The First Discourse
   5. The Missionary
   6. Back to His birthplace
   7. The Buddha's Ministry
   8. The Buddha's Daily Schedule
   9. The Great Achievements
  10. Mahaparinibbana - the passing away

Basic Paper 2: Dhamma Foundation

  1. Taking Refuge 
  2. Five Precepts 
  3. Four Noble Truths 
  4. Eight-fold Path 
  5. Kamma 
  6. Rebirth 
  7. Four Brahma Viharas 
  8 .Ten Paramis 
  9. Ten Meritorious Deeds 
 10. Ten De-meritorious Deeds 

Intermediate Paper 1: 
What we seek in Life

  1. The Mystery of Life
  2. Seeking Wealth
  3. Friends and Friendship
  4. Curbing Anger
  5. The Art of Giving
  6. The Joy of Letting Go
  7. The Power of Speech
  8. Contentment Bliss
  9. Counting Blessings
 10. The Wind of Change

Intermediate Paper 2: 
Lessons and Values for the Doctrine of Kamma

 1. Deeds
 2. Conditionality
 3. Ownership
 4. Choice
 5. Effort
 6. Potentiality
 7. Equality
 8. Provision

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