Mahindarama Sarana Old Folks’ Home

~Looking After The Elders In Buddhism~

In the  Sigalovada Sutta, The Buddha urged children to look after their elderly parents who had once supported them.

In the Mangala Sutta, it was said, "Attending to mother and father is one of the highest blessings"

In the Parabhava Sutta, The Buddha said, "Not taking care of parents is one of the downfalls of man"

Whoever would tend to me, should tend the sick...~The Buddha~

Its Aim
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Senior Citizens at the Sarana

Mahindarama Sarana Old Folk Home

Its History, Past And Present
          Venerable Indaratana visits the homes of the poor, the sick and also the old folks’ homes regularly as part of his welfare work. Seeing all these suffering, the Venerable wished that he could contribute in giving help and care to these people, especially the old and aged. He then decided that it would be appropriate to have a home to house and to take care of the old folks. This was how the idea of initiating the old folks’ home under the Mahindarama Buddhist Temple came about.

        For nearly 2 months, Venerable Indaratana walked around the housing area near the Mahindarama Buddhist Temple looking for a suitable house. He was unsuccessful but he did not give up.

        Then, one day on 14th January 1999, Madam Tay Poh Choo came to see the Venerable after hearing about the Venerable’s intention. She told Venerable Indaratana that she has a house, which she would like to lend to the temple for temporary use as a home. It was a 3-bedroom terrace house located at 720T Hong Seng Estate, 10470 Penang.

       Thus, on the 14th of February 1999, in conjunction with Venerable Indaratana’s birthday, a celebration was held to officiate the handing over of the keys to Venerable Indaratana by Madam Tay Poh Choo. This was followed by the naming of the home, Mahindarama Sarana Old Folks’ Home”.

        One year later, the temple management was able to acquire the premise at No. 11 Jalan Gunaratana, 10460 Penang. The front portion of the premise was to be used to house the Sarana Old Folks’ Home while the back portion would be the Amata Free Medical and Diabetic Centre. Renovation works began immediately and the new Sarana was completed by the end of the year 2000. 

       The New Year’s Day, 1st January 2001, being the auspicious 1st day of the 21st Century marked the official ceremony of the new Sarana premise.

       The new Sarana premise at No. 11 Jalan Gunaratana, 10460 Penang provide an ideal environment for giving help and care to the old and aged. It has 3 bedrooms, a cosy living room and a well-furnished kitchen.

       Due to its proximity to the Mahindarama Buddhist Temple, the Sarana allows the old folks easy access both to the temple as well as the Amata Free Medical and Diabetic Centre.

       At present, there are 6 senior citizens staying at the Sarana. They are very happy staying at the Sarana. The old folks help to clean the Sarana everyday. They like the safe, clean and peaceful environment at Sarana.

       The old folks are very touched with the kindness and concern given by caring devotees. They wish everyone to be well and happy.