Dhamma Teachers' Training & Development Programme 2012

Fully sponsored

Organized by

Inviting all present and future Dhamma Teachers in Northern Region to be a Certified Dhamma Teacher!

Venue : Mahindarama Buddhist Temple

Time : 1.00pm ~ 4.00pm

Commencement Date : 10th June 2012

New Teacher Recruitment's Programme:

Your learning includes :The Value Chain of Teaching and Continuous Improvement Process;
Multiple Intelligence; Classroom Management; Project Management;

Enhancement;  Personality  Development  and  Social Etiquette;
Pali Chanting; Meditation; Hymn Singing; Music and Movement;
Story Telling; Art & Craft, etc.

Registration : Helpdesk  (9.30am-12.00 noon on Sundays) or
margaret.cheong@yahoo.com.  Closing Date : 3rd June 2012